Artful Dwelling

Coral Collection

An intricate network of symmetrical shell shapes are geometrically arranged on the silk to create a jewel-like effect. The intense blue tones give this Coral print a stylish and contemporary yet timelessly elegant look.

Songs of Forest Collection

Bursting with exotic songbirds, cherry blossomsand futuristic flowers, Songs of Forest tells a magical tale from different lands and eras.

Cherry Blossom Collection

Inspired by Nature, this Cherry Blossom print revolves around a bird perched on a tree’s branches. Blossoming red cherries contrast with subtle pastel hues and delicate pencil lines.

Phoenix Collection

Evocative colour combinations are a key element of this uplifting Phoenix print. The print is in motion and the majestic shapes dance across the silk.

Watercolour Blossom Collection

This print family draws its inspiration from ancient Chinese watercolour paintings. The motifs form a soft and delicate print that evokes the senses.

Secret Gardens Collection

Our Secret Gardens print invites you to immerse yourself in deep shades of blue, pastel green, vibrant red and pink tones for an instant feeling of intense peacefulness.

Kaleidoscope Collection

Kaleidoscope-like shapes soar through the silk in a bright colour palette to form this very graphic print. The cushions reinterpret the mirror effect of a kaleidoscope in contrasting, eye-catching tones and have been designed to bring a splash of colour to any home.